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The Best of 2009- Project

Q: Project. What did you start this year that you're proud of?

A: I recently got certified to teach Yoga and within 2 weeks of certification I was starting a new business, Bee Yoga Fusion. Teaching yoga has been one of my dreams for many, many years. I adore teaching, I love showing people how to move and stretch their bodies, seeing their confidence grow within themselves through their practice. I am so excited to start this journey in 2010, I will be teaching yoga to the kids at Greenbelt Co-op Nursery School and at the College Park Community Center (both adult and kid classes). If you know of a school or organization that would like me to come and teach please email me. I'm hoping to add more classes and locations throughout the year.

Picture above is by Lori Portka: Happiness through Art


morninglight mama said...

This is too cool, Gretchen. I think I would LOVE to take a yoga class taught by you-- I imagine you would be patient with seriously out-of-shape and not-very-flexible folks like me. :) Are you trying to get in with the G'belt Community Center, too?

Lori said...

Hi Gretchen, thank you for posting my artwork. I love yoga- best of luck to you with your teaching...


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