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The Best of 2009- Blog

Q: Blog find of the year. That gem of a blog you can't believe you didn't know about until this year.
A: Not only am I a blogger but I'm a blog reader. The list is really long, the blogs that I check out on a daily and weekly basis. But if I had to narrow it down here are my top 5...yes that's as narrow as I can make it.
1. Kelly Rae Roberts: loving her art work and her energy written into her blog.
2. Walk Slowly, Live Wildly: a family of four who travels the US in a RV powered by vegetable oil! Need I say more?
3. Shutter Sisters: because pretty pictures are always nice to look at.
4. A Beautiful Mess: Elsie is super cute and I totally want to "know" her, I think we'd be fast friends.
5. Ordinary Courage: Brene` Brown is amazing, her words inspire me to "tune out and tune in".

The photo above is from BlueCocoon, I love how light and airy her pictures are, the story that is created in each frame. She is having a Buy One Get One Free Offer in her etsy shop. In case anyone cares I like this one and this one. :)


Megan, Life Revamped said...

I'm going to check your top5 too!
just hopping around to show some bloglove!

have a great week ahead!
Come over my place if you have the time!
life's beautiful!
~fickle in pink

Christine Darling said...

Great list! Happened upon you because you link to Kelly Rae - my company publishes her Calendars, Date Books, Journals, and more.

Brené said...

Thanks for including me on your list - what a treat!

Love the photos and great spirit here!

Jessica said...

I care which ones you like and have made a mental note :)



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