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The Best of 2009- Music

Q: Album of the year. What's rocking your world?

A: I'm in LOVE with Brandi Carlile right now. I could listen to her everyday...well actually I do.

I'm passionate about giving back, finding a way to outstretch your arms and help someone or something. And I love when entertainers do the same thing. Brandi started an organization in 2008 called The Looking Out Foundation, a 501c, in order to provide financial support to various causes that she believes in. The focus of the organization is mostly environmental causes but in an interview in September 2009, Brandi said, "We really work on a community basis and we do everything from helping people pay for funerals to environmental projects. The Looking Out Foundation is a helping hand to any cause we believe in."
Brandi also donates a dollar from every concert ticket sale to The Looking Out Foundation, that's pretty freakin' cool!
I wish more entertainers followed her lead. You rock Brandi!


Julie Jordan Scott said...

Love reading of entertainers being role models of giving. Thank you for introducing her to me.

Anonymous said...

Stunner. Looks like a lovely inside-n-out kind of woman.

Anonymous said...

Stunner. Looks like a lovely inside-n-out kind of woman.

Allison-Lee said...

I LOVE Brandi Carlile. And I didn't even know about her foundation. All the more reason to love her.

Did you see her on her last tour? SO GOOD!

Gretchen said...

Allison, I just saw her in NJ this weekend and was blown away!!! She was amazing. Honestly I think she sounds better live than on any of her albums. She totally rocked out.


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