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Stepping off the Line

I carry my camera with me everywhere I go with the hope that I will become more comfortable with it, that it will just become an extension of my hand. Practice makes perfect right? That being said last year I came across a blog,that now I can't find to link to, regardless it has stayed with me mentally. This chick decided to take a portrait a week of someone in her community, with the idea that she would get better at photography while getting to know her neighbors. I'm totally comfortable taking pictures of kids, asking the parents if it's ok, while my kids play on the playground too. But I get nervous asking an adult if I can take their picture. I don't know why..I'm a very outgoing person but I get hung up on approaching a stranger and taking their picture. Typically these people aren't the prettiest or best dressed but more interesting looking to me. Beautiful in a different way. Pleasing to my eye. Yesterday I "stepped off the line" and asked this guy at my local skate park if I could take his picture. Within minutes he was telling me his story, this often happens to me with strangers...they just tell me things, personal things, things I don't think they tell other strangers. It was remarkable.
It was easy, once I stepped off the line.


morninglight mama said...

Very cool pics, Gretchen. I look forward to meeting some of the neighbors through your camera lens! :)

Unknown said...

How has your photographer developed (sorry, had to) over the years since these photos? I too try to incorporate photography into life, except I sometimes forget to bring my camera!

Shahn Donaldson


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