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Century Bike Ride = 100 miles of Happiness

This past weekend I did a century bike ride, that's 100 miles on a bike folks. The ride was organized by Massapequa Park Bicycle Club and called Tour of the Hamptons. It was very well organized, the route was clearly marked, the rest stops fully supported and the volunteers were very friendly.
The night before the ride I was anxious, doubting I'd be able to finish in time. I awoke many times in the middle of night lunging upright searching for the alarm clock to reassure me that I didn't sleep through it.
By 7:30am I was on my bike. It was chilly in the Hamptons and thankfully I packed a hoodie. (mental note: need fall bike clothes) The ride was nice and flat, not the prettiest ride I've done but when you are doing 100 miles..flat is really good! I won't bore you with every detail of the ride...there were some really funny moments and someday when we meet up for a coffee or cocktails I'll tell you about them. But all in all it was an amazing day with my girlfriend Lauren beside me we finished the ride in 9 hours. A day full of lots of laughter, lots of great conversations and the remarkable feeling of screaming our heads off when our odometers read 100 miles! And jumping off our bikes and doing cartwheels across the finish line. Thank you NY for a fantastic weekend!
Here are some pictures...


corie said...

I'm so proud of you, Gretch!!!! You are so inspiring!! You choose happiness!

morninglight mama said...

You are so freaking amazing!! What joy you emanate when you write about these experiences!


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