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I got inked!

Every year I pick a word to meditate on, to focus my energy on on a daily basis. Last year I blogged about the word I chose, "Embrace". The word has become so much a part of me. I am often reminding myself to embrace the moment, capture it, give it my undivided attention. Embrace what the universe has put before me, embrace the people, the experiences. I've also learned the lesson of accepting that I can not control other people's energy towards me and I strive to embrace that and move on. Reminding myself not to get caught up in their negativity, their anger. Embrace who I am and know that someday they will do the same for themselves.

I love words.
I consider them art, standing alone on a wall or shelf. So if comes to no surprise that when I wanted to get a tattoo I would choose a word, embrace. I am so happy with how it turned out. This is my third tattoo but the most prominent on my body. Stepping off the line a bit. ;) But I wanted the visual, daily reminder to what I believe is awakening into my true self.


morninglight mama said...

Too cool-- I love that it stands for something so important to you. You'll have to talk to me straight some time about the pain...


Anonymous said...

I looked up the word embrace last night and this morning read you blog about it. Honey you make us think, and that is wonderful.
We all need to do that more and more. Just want to say "Thank You".

annasoc said...

What a beautiful and mindful way of getting a tattoo--something that most people don't put much thought into. I love it.

Jessica said...

Awesome! Everyone at Naropa would be totally jealous of your mindful new tattoo!


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