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Zane is 4! Thank you Cards

I can hardly believe my baby is 4 years old. Every year the sight of fireworks takes me back to his birth. I'll never be able to look at them again in the same way. Zane is still taking the world by storm, entertaining anyone who will sit still long enough to watch his new dance moves, is constantly shocking (mostly) Jon with his extreme-no-care-for-safety personality. :)
That's our Zane!
I tried to set up a nice, semi formal, birthday photo shoot for him. I wanted to capture those baby blues and his smile that lights up a room. But he was not interested at all. After taking these pictures I realized that this sums him up at age 4 a lot better than still shots would. If you met Zane you'd know he doesn't sit still for very long.
This year for his thank you cards I did it all digitally and then printed them off on 4x6" photo sheets that I happened to get free after rebate at Staples. I'm writing the message on the back in black sharpie, easy peasy!


Whiney Momma said...

OMG, I just came across your blog and how freaky is it that I was just thinking up baby boy names and was thinking of Zane. Then I read your post and it was like fate! How wierd. Happy birthday to your little boy. Great idea for thank Us!

morninglight mama said...

LOVE the smirky-happy grin he's got going there in the middle pic. He's a beautiful guy!

Jessica said...

Zane's getting too big. Shrink him.


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