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Great article today in the New York Times about the possibilities of self-publishing in today's internet world. Several sites even give you the ability to allow other people to pay for an individual print of your unique book.

So get that cookbook written or novel or craft manifesto and get it out for the world to see.

The article lists these three specific sites as the best self publishing places currently on the web:

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Anonymous said...

There's still a lot of stigma associated with self-publishing. Not as much as there used to be, but I wouldn't say that self-publishing is going to get the attention of a big publishing house, unless you've sold a ton of books.

But if you just want to have your book in print, POD is an excellent technology. Just always make sure you read the fine print of the contract before you sign. The line between friendly POD and sketchy vanity presses is very blurry.


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