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Anti-locavore ???

Although I'm a firm believer in seeing both sides of an issue, sometimes the media, in search of a sensational story, seems a bit absurd when it hashes out the "other side" of the story. The most recent example of this is in this week's Time Magazine where author, Joel Stein, rebels against the Locavore movement in his essay, "Extreme Eating".

Stein states:

"I can get off on a local heirloom tomato as much as anyone else. Or a fresh California date, crispy with tart honey that I can get only for a few weeks in Southern California. Or breaded sautéed abalone when I'm in Monterey. But the idea that this is the best way to eat, that most of our food should really come from within 100 miles, that farm-to-table produces a superior diet, is antiglobalization idiocy."

Look, I'm not at a point where I am buying all of my groceries from within 100 miles of where I live but for goodness sake buying from my lovely local farm market is not anitglobalization! The article will make your blood boil if you are even vaguely familiar with the opinions of Michael Pollen or Elizabeth Kingslover; so go to the link above and read the article at your own risk. At least your blood pressure will be rising from something other than added salt and partial-hydrated oils.

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