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Fun Updates for Iphone

Last week Steve Jobs deemed it permissible for web applications to legally work on the iphone. Prior to that you had to hack the iphone and risk possibly turning your phone into the dreaded ibrick or in other words a non-functioning hunk of pricey plastic.

But finally with the latest update there are all kinds of friendly iphone widgets. My favorite is a very High-tech Cocktail Mom-esque shopping list program called One-trip.

With dozens of pre-existing items to choose from like milk, toilet paper, or cheese One Trip makes it a breeze to add items to a handy little to-buy list.

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Anonymous said...

That looks nice. Is there an offline capability or the ability to sync to your Mac, perhaps with iCals Tasks feature?. If not, you may want to look at, which will ping you via text message when something is due, it's accessible from any browser and it integrates with Google Gears for offline use.

All in all, with the new updates, iPod Touch now has all the iPhone apps. I've been looking for an MP3 player with Address Book, Web Browser, and simple word processing and it's finally here...I am saving my ducats...

And a app?


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