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My reunion with Fruit Salad as a side dish

Has anyone else forgotten about Fruit Salad or Fruit Cocktail? I'm not talking about those plastic-packaged flavorless concoctions that you buy in the lunch-box aisle at the grocery store. I'm talking about cutting about an apple, an orange, and a banana putting it in a cute little cup and adding it to your dinner menu tonight!

I almost always have a fruit bowl with a couple of pieces of fruit near expiration. The other day when I was struggling to find a side to serve with the Moroccan Stew I was making for dinner, (we were out of seemingly everything) I spied a nearly too-brown banana, a starting-to-dry out orange and a few pieces of other fruit just hanging out in the fruit bowl. I chopped it all up put it in a couple of ramekins and felt like a magician for turning what was about to be wasted produce into the perfect side dish.

How could I have forgotten about such a tasty little dish? Throw one together the next time you need a little something on the side.

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