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The Master Cleanser

Day 1 of a Master Cleanser for me today. I did it once before for 3 days in January and felt great. The Master Cleanser or lemonade diet has been around since the 70's this is a great sight to find out the recipe and tips -

Unfortunately, many people do the cleanse incorrectly or for the wrong reason. It is not for weight loss. You will lose weight but it is mostly water weight and will return. The diet is for ridding your system of toxins.

Yesterday, I was reading Time Magazine because the cover story is The Science of Appetite. There is quite a bit of interesting information in the stories about why, how, and what we eat. The story about the Master Cleanser was however fairly inaccurate. Notes on a Food Free Diet follows the life of a very unhappy reporter who is attempting to do the Master Cleanser for 48 hours. The reporter explains that he doesn't even have the first drink until around 12:00pm when he is already hungry. This is exactly the kind of mistake that gives the cleanse a bad rap. You have to drink at least 6-8 glasses of the drink in a day and you have to drink them all day throughout the day.

I found that I was not hungry at all when I did the cleanse and expect the same thing to happen again this time. I did however, realize how often I wanted to eat sometime. I wanted to taste something. I wanted to chew or bite or savory food but I wasn't actually hungry. After the three days was done I felt as if I had rebooted my whole hunger system. For weeks after the cleanse I was more aware of if I was eating for hungry or eating for boredom.

Anyway, I'll keep you updated and if anyone has any questions please post a comment.

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