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Betty Ruble Necklace

I knit this necklace to give to Gretchen for her Birthday (which was weeks ago now) and I am finally getting the picture of it up. I liked it so much I knit myself one. The pattern is by Jennifer Stafford whose website is fantastic for unique and modern knit patterns.

In order to learn to make the necklace I had to learn 3 new stitches and a technique. The technique was how to make I-cord and the person that taught me was my former co-worker Jessie. Jessie is a fantastic knitter and her flicker page is filled with pictures of her beautiful work.

Anyway, this project is perfect for one ball of a thinner weight novelty yarn. The yarn I used was black with an bit of a sparkle to it so it will catch the light. If some one wants the actual name of the yarn make a comment and I'll look up the name for you.

I am always searching for a gift knitted or crochetd to give someone that lives somewhere that it is too warm for a hat or scarf. This fits the bill for a woman at least.

Some tips on making it. Basically the "chain" part of the necklace is I-cord, which is perhaps one of the best knitting techniques ever, and the balls are increased and immediately decreased pouches that are stuffed with yarn scraps. I recommend using a similar color to the necklace, if not the same yarn, as the yarn you are using to make the necklace. Finally, I bought a small magnetic fastener to join it and make putting it on and taking it off a breeze and hot-glued the tiniest bits of Velvet ribbon to both secure down the ends (that would normally be woven in) and to give a truly finished look.

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