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Bridal Shower Gift

It's the season in most families when the wedding invitations and bridal showers invitations start pouring in the mail. One of my favorite gifts to give the new bride is something that isn't on her wish list but should be. Thank You cards.

I make up a set of cards using white card stock from an office supply store, and while you are there grab a box of invitation envelopes. I use scrapbook paper on my cards but honestly you can do whatever you want or if you aren't feeling crafty buy some beautiful cards that someone else made. The key to the gift is to affix address labels with the bride &/or grooms' address and stamps. So that all the bride needs to do is write the card out and send it in the mail. It makes like so much simpler when you have to sit and hand write 20 thank you cards in a night or even when you need to grab a card quick and send it out in the mail. I normally make about 20 since that is the number on a sheet of stamps. I package the gift in a photo storage box that you can buy at Joann's,Michaels or even Target. I also include a nice pen. It's a low cost gift for you but the bride will thank you over and over again for making her life simpler in such a hectic time of her life and also for not buying her some tacky gift that wasn't on her wish list but now she will feel obligated to keep it. :)

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