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Cocktail Mom out of sorts!

I've been out of sorts and off my schedule. I left New York City on May 5th and vacationed with friends and family until I arrived at my new home in Boulder, CO. I've moved in with my boyfriend and things with him and the apartment are much better than I expected. I was afraid to live with anyone (after living alone for so long) but we've been adjusting exceptionally well.

The hardest part is not having a job and having to budget my money. I'm a reformed spender and had been doing really well. I paid off my debt and created some savings prior to my move. Now, that I am here there are things I want to buy and things I want to do_BUT_I shouldn't be spending money until I get a job! And it is going to take a few weeks to find a great job.

Anyway, my main goal this week is to get back in the groove. I started working out again. I now I have to start writing, crafting, and blogging again. So, I send out a "great work" to Gretchen for keeping the entries fresh and promise to contribute more soon.

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Hey, there you are! I was worried you got stuck in the wrong internet tube!


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