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Recycled Jars

As you can tell Jessica and I are huge fans of reusing everyday items to give them new life. Well with 2 kids we go through a lot of applesauce and I'm left with these rather large jars so I've given them new life by turning them into tea containers. Hubby and I gave up the coffee and are into loose leaf tea these days. After washing out the jars and scrubbing off the labels, the hardest part. I then painted the lids with a craft paint I bought at Michael's a few years ago. It's called Sophisticated Finishes and it says it's ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
The possibilities are endless for reusing jars. Store rice, dry beans, small pasta noddles etc. And the bonus is that if everything in your cabinet is in the same size jar it will be more organized and you can actually see what you have on hand. Heavenly!


Anonymous said...

I have to say Gretchen since Dad is really on top of recycling things, our trash is really 1 bag a week, but since we don't have a garbage disposal we have to do it twice a week. Good training!
Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I love this idea, Gretchen. We do the same thing at the school I teach to store little arts and craft supplies like buttons and pompoms.

I wanted to let you know that the tea, if in a glass jar, should be stored in a dark cuppboard though as it's not good to expose it to light.


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