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Easter Chocolate

We are saving money to buy a house so every penny is accounted for in our budget. But saving money is not just about budgets and coupons it’s about thinking ahead. I went to the local CVS drug store and picked up Valentine’s Cards for kids at 90% off, 2 weeks after Valentine’s Day. I paid 20 cents per box and I bought the more expensive ones with temporary tattoos. I also bought some heart shaped boxed chocolate candy for 15 cents a box. I don’t plan on holding on to those till next year but what I do plan to do is offer them on a decorative plate as an additional dessert for my dinner party guests. They will never know it came from a heart shaped box. Planning ahead can save you so much money. Two weeks after Easter you can bet money that I will be buying Easter baskets and Easter trinkets for next year’s holiday. And those pastel M&M's, especially the pink ones, would be perfect for a little girl's princess birthday party. Or if you know you'll be throwing a baby shower this summer stock up on those dark chocolate Dove eggs, they are heavenly! Chocolate can live in your freezer for up to a year. And use as part of the decor and edibles for the baby shower.

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