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Pokemon Seek and Find Game - Pokemon Birthday Party

My youngest son went through a Pokemon phase. He clung to that deck of cards in his little hand and could rattle off facts about the damage and attacks each character could do. He would spend so much time just staring at the cards, flipping through his deck and wishfully talking about the cards he hoped to get for his birthday or from Santa.

We decided to throw him a Pokemon themed birthday party. We don't do "friend" birthday parties every year because my son was blessed with having to compete with Independence day for his birthday and scheduling gets difficult. So I wanted to go all out BUT while maintaining a reasonable budget for a kid's birthday party. Also Known As- I wanted to be frugal!  

For the Pokemon party I needed to come up with ways to entertain a group of kids who may or may not be interested in Pokemon themselves. Several of the kids, thankfully, were really into it but a few had never even seen the cards before. So I created games and crafts that everyone would enjoy.

Pokemon Seek and Find Game: kinda like Where's Waldo
How we played the game, I put several cards out for all the children to see and take turns having in front of them. The idea was to find all of the characters on the cards. Whoever found them all first was the winner. This was a great game because I didn't have to be present to help them do it, I was able to sneak off to the kitchen and prepare the cake and ice-cream.  

What you'll need for this game: 

  • Pokemon Cards: I purchased a huge lot of Pokemon cards off of eBay for super cheap, I didn't care how good the characters on the cards were I just wanted a lot of them for all of my games.
  • Pencils.
  • Print out a picture like one of these on plain office paper. I'm going to warn you- you will need to make sure that the cards you plan on showing to the kids to find are actually in the picture. This takes time on your part before the actual party, but I will say it is totally worth it. The game will guarantee you at least 30 minutes of quiet playing where children are not destroying your house! 
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