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Why should you hire a photographer?

The most important reason for hiring a photographer should be to get everyone in the family in the photo. Not one of those pictures where the camera is on a timer and one person runs into position and everyone has a plastered smile on their face….those never turn out authentic.

Often times the mom is so busy taking the photos that she never puts herself in front of it to capture her with her children. Or else the parents take turns taking the pictures of family events but you never see the parents together. Is this you?

Capturing family memories is so important and that is why I started my photography business, CocktailMom Photography. I adore capturing families just as they are…laughing, crying, and full of endless love.

I often get asked why photographers charge what they charge verses going to one of those photo places in the mall. Well first of all, location. Outdoor photographers don't use a back drop, nature provides the best view. Another difference is the quality of the pictures, the amount of time that the photographer spends with you to capture your family to get the best possible shot verses feeling rushed because there is a waiting room full of other restless children waiting their turn.

But the biggest difference is photoshop!
I spend hours after the photo session editing pictures in photoshop and here is an example  of a "before" picture- Straight out of the camera verses an edited picture.

Now the girl in this picture is gorgeous! (she's also my niece.) On this day she had a wee bit of acne on her chin and a random stray hair across her forehead, nothing major but a tiny amount of editing to even out her skin and pop the color of her jacket to really enhance just how gorgeous she is in person.

Make the investment in capturing your family by hiring a professional photographer each and every year. Our children grow so fast and these are the pictures that we will cherish when we are older.

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