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Bike Wheel Wall Decor

My wife and I were looking for a creative way to display cards and pictures that we receive from friends and family throughout the year. The yearbook pictures, the Christmas cards, the drawing our son made at school…all of it was living on the front of our fridge. We grew tired of the cluttered looking, overcrowded fridge and yearned for a different solution.

My wife and I enjoy going on long bicycle rides, so it seemed a perfect solution to use a bicycle wheel to adorn our wall. I spray painted the wheel a fun blue and we attach the pictures to the spokes using silver binder clips. It has been the best conversation piece when people are over for dinner.

Upcycle a bike wheel for your house!

I've received a few emails asking how I attached the bike wheel to the wall. It was really simple! I used anchors and two screws. I'm a big fan of EZ Anchors, that is what I used for this project. Here is a close up of the bike wheel on the wall.

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