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Organizing My Thoughts

As the saying goes...."I have a lot of irons in the fire."

My plate it pretty full.
So in order to keep my mind clear I need to be organized. Otherwise it will feel like everyday is a panic race to the next item on my calendar, spending way too much time looking for a small piece of paper only to discover it on my mousepad....

You know this drill right?

Here is how I organize my thoughts and notes. I carry around a spiral notebook with me everywhere I go. Nothing fancy, just the spiral one subject notebook that you can get really cheap when the back to school sales are going on. (That is when I stock up!)

If I get an idea for the next chapter of my book I always have pen and paper ready, my to-do list, ideas for blog posts or sequencing my next yoga class are in this notebook.
At the top of each page I write the subject matter really big :BYF (Bee Yoga Fusion), CM (CocktailMom), PTA, etc.
And then once I use all the pages in the spiral notebook I sit down and go through page by page and rip out the pages and put them in a three ring binder.
Several of the pages are recycled, to-do lists for example.
But ideas for future business marketing is stored in its correct divider in the three ring binder, which lives on my desk so that I can refer to it when needed.

How do you organize your thoughts and ideas?

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Candace | Yogabycandace said...

I do something similar, only my book is has a pocket I can put little things and a band that wraps around it so things don't fall out. I can't be without it! Ideas, thoughts, beautiful quotes- everything goes in here. :)


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