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Spread the Word, Just Don't Say It!

Norwich Free Academy R-word Campaign
I came across this video as we all do; someone posted it on Facebook. After watching it I had to do more than just "like" it. I had to "spread the word". 
This video moved me beyond words. Hearing each young adult talk about their feelings and how such a hurtful word affected's made me reevaluate all the words I use. I can honestly say I don't use the r-word or "stupid" but I know there have been times when my words have hurt someone unintentionally.
Let's be more mindful of our choices of the words we use, even if we are using them in jest. 
Words are powerful things- Spread the word, just don't say it!

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morninglight mama said...

Honestly, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this.


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