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Search and Find Game for Valentines

A friend found these great, felt hearts on clearance after Christmas at Target and gave me what she had leftover from her Valentine's craft project. Originally these hearts were Christmas ornaments.

I've been meaning to find a way to incorporate them into a craft but haven't gotten around to it, maybe I'll make a garland or a wreath. Until the spark of creativity strikes I am using them as a "good morning search and find" game. Every night I hide two hearts somewhere in the house and the boys leap out of bed to look for them.

I love this activity because there isn't a prize at the end, the boys don't really want to even play with's all about the hunt.

Cut hearts out of construction paper and hide them around your house.
Consider it a week-off, for you, from the power struggle of getting the kids out of bed to get ready for school!

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Anonymous said...

That is really great Gretchen. It also teaches the boys to be aware of what is around them. "Take notice".


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