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Birthday Gift for Men

Finding birthday gifts for men are always challenging for me. Especially men who have everything they want or need.
My cousin recently turned 50 and I didn't want to do an "over the hill" type of gift but I also didn't want to just buy him an Under Armour shirt either. I decided to put a different spin on his gift. Did you see the basket that I made for a male cousin when he turned 30? I was thinking of doing that again but instead I picked up a basket at the dollar store and then filled it with food items that were made in the 60's, when he was born. The Granny Smith apple wasn't made in the 60's but interestingly enough it was introduced in the USA in the 60's!

Everyone at the party loved this idea and I could see the wheels spinning in their heads on who on their list that they could recreate this birthday gift for!

On the card I wrote:
"Everything in this basket is also turning 50! I think you are in good company."


Anonymous said...

This would also be good for ladies as well. Start thinking Dad turns 70 in May.

Shrey Patel said...


Amazing Birthday Gifts Baskets Ideas.
Magnificient Blog.
Looks like perfect Gifts Baskets Blog.
I am Big Fan of yours.
Thanks for sharing this Ideas.
Each and every blog of yours is Unique waiting for another Blog.


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