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"What I am"

Inspiration comes in many forms, today this video was my inspiration.  I love when artists I enjoy cross over into the kid world.  I jam out to the They Might Be Giants kid cds right along with the boys and here makes an appearance on Seasame Street which is celebrating it's 41st season on September 27th on PBS!

And because I never really need a reason to make lists here is my What I am list.
What I am:
"I'm going to keep my head up high, keep on reaching high.  Never going to quit, I'll keep getting stronger"

What are you?, share in the comments.

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Unknown said...

Lets see, I am not use to describing myself.
1. I am a listener
2. I love to share things I learn
3. I am compassionate
4. I am determined
5. I am an early riser
6. I am a father & grandfather
7. I love nature and mountains
8. I love to cook
9. I love to blog


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