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The family and I went to a wedding this past weekend and had an amazing time. There were so many aspects of this wedding that I just loved and will reuse for future parties of my own!
First of all it took place on the groom's family farm so the couple got married in front of a cornfield and being that they are two NY'ers now it was just plain awesome. The reception was held in a barn that the couple and their NYC friends have spent the last year renovating. The place settings were beautiful. Mixing chic and rustic in perfect harmony. I loved the mason jars with corn and candles to light each table and the flowers were all in mason jars too. The spread for the bread were in baby food jars. Atop each plate was a burlap bag with the bride and groom's name stamped on it and inside was a bird feed treat to take home and hang in your yard.
The couple did a wonderful job having things on hand to entertain the little kids, when the sun set glow sticks were brought out and in the field all you could see were glow sticks moving around as the kids ran and ran.
I loved how unique this wedding felt, I never felt like I was looking at something that came out of a bridal magazine or was the latest fad from
Kudos to being individuals and having a wedding that suits you! We had an amazing time.


Linda said...

Great idea's!

Unknown said...

They made a real memory to be cherished.

Raven said...

Thanks Gretch! It was a thrill to share this weekend with you. love you lots!!!

Raven said...

P.S. I wanted to call your audience's attention to the dahlia to the left in the white vase. It was my (now) husband's idea to spray paint interestingly-shaped nips with white gloss paint. Cheap and chic - and you get a little buzz along the way. This didn't stop with the vases, oh no...upon further inspection on the rosemary olive oil, you might notice that they're actually Coronita bottles (mini-Coronas) which we had fun emptying and capping with speed-pourers. Also, all of the rosemary came from our city "garden" (read: window box). We both became "funemployed" shortly after our engagement, which made throwing an economical wedding a little more of a challenge. By using things we had, we avoided having to rent. I could go on and on. Engaged people, we're ready for questions!!! Love you Gretch! You have a beautiful blog. xxo

Heather said...

Looks like a wonderful wedding indeed. I love the corn at the bottom of the candles. That one I am going to have to use for the next family picnic. Just gorgeous


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