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Zane is 5! Thank you Cards

I adore handwritten cards, adore them! I know, I am a dying breed. These were Zane's thank you cards for his birthday this year. Now that the boys are older and able to write I am insisting that they help me, right now they only need to write their names but someday they will be doing it on their own. This is one of those "mama rules" that I won't let up on. I believe thank you cards are important and want to instill that in my boys as well. My older cousin has always made her 2 boys write thank you notes and I love receiving them in the mail and seeing their handwriting change over the years...both of her boys are now teenagers. I think it's important to teach kids to express their gratitude and reflect upon the gift, to take a moment and quiet their spirit with a small thoughtful task.


morninglight mama said...

Great picture! I'm with you on the "mama rule" of thank you cards. When the kids are young, but verbal, I ask them to dictate the message to me and I write it in, which is then accompanied by their scribble drawings. Red can sign her name now to hers, which is fun. I love that for JAM, I simply give him a sticky note with the list of people and gifts and he gets it done. (Without the crafty gene you've been blessed with, our notes are just the store-bought kinds, or on regular old construction paper, though!) :)

Gretchen said...

I do the same thing Dawn! Which is why many of out thank you notes say "thank you for Ironman/buzz/spiderman. I like him a lot."

Unknown said...

Great rule and a great practice Gretchen and be sure to tell Zane that Odie in NC wishes him a belated happy birthday as well.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE thank you cards too! AND think they are sooooo important. T just made some the other day. It's a perfect way to show people you care....we miss the "personal" so much these days. Thanks for the post and reminder!


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