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A mother's wish.

I wish you a wonderful start...
I wish for a room full of friends who work hard to understand you and accept your differences.
I wish for patient adults who think outside of the box when teaching kids who don't fit into the standardize-testing-box.
I wish for safety.
I wish for compassion.
I wish more people were as caring as you.

I would never wish for anything different.


morninglight mama said...

Those are absolutely beautiful wishes!!!

Madmother said...

I wish for people to see you as I do.

I wish for teachers who look beyond the label.

I wish they would see the good not look only for the bad.

I wish they would realise it is a life they are playing with, and a future they are influencing.

I wish to be there when they see what an amazing adult you become.

I wish it to change their behaviour towards all special kids, because ALL kids ARE special!

Gretchen said...

Madmother- I love your wishes, thank you!!!

Unknown said...

Very well said Gretchen.

Madmother said...

You're welcome Gretchen, you know I love your blog.


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