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FREE Fall Baltimore


Now in it's fifth year, Free Fall Baltimore brings wonderful cultural activities to your doorstep. With more than 300 unique events scheduled, you’ll be able to find an art activity on almost every day of October.

Search out something new this month. Visit a cultural organization that you don’t know; take a class in a new art form; attend a performance of a new group. Here’s your chance to get a taste of the exciting performances, workshops, classes, exhibitions, lectures, festivals, concerts, and tours that are available in our fair city. Try them out in October for FREE!

Just one highlight: The Baltimore Museum of Art is offering Free Family Sundays
Bring your family for fun drop-in art activities every Sunday in October. Test your skills for seeing details, create critters, draw man’s best friend, and sculpt with clay during these entertaining and educational workshops.

Sun Oct 3 2pm – 5pm Construct Creepy Crawlies
Sun Oct 10 2pm – 5pm Craft a Sea Critter
Sun Oct 17 2pm – 5pm Dogs vs. Cats – Draw Your Winner
Sun Oct 24 2pm - 5pm Sculpt Mythical Creatures
Sun Oct 31 2pm – 5pm Family Tour – On the Hunt for Animals in Art

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Unknown said...

I have always loved crafts. Many years ago I did resin casting coasters for all my family members embedding small sea shells into the clear resin. Had colored felt on the bottoms and were really pretty. Then I got into building miniature log cabins along with the handcrafted furnishings. With carple tunnel I can't do too much tedious hand work but remember the good days.


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