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Raising Ethical Children

What I want my children to turn into has been on my mind a lot lately. I have no desires for a doctor or a lawyer and of course every parent wants their child to be happy and do what they love. But what I want...between you and I...I want to raise the type of boys who become something greater than themselves. I want to raise children who start a movement, big or small. I want to raise ethical children.

When I hear stories of individuals who give of themselves and yet honor their own needs I think to myself, "how did you become that? what did your parents do right?"
Today sitting in my inbox was an email from Derek Sivers. The email was simple enough, reminding me that I bought a CD from his website, CD Baby, back in 2005. The logistics of the email really aren't what is important. What caught my eye was the last line:
P.S. Why I sold CD Baby and where the money went:

I became intrigued and I clicked the link. Derek did it right, he sold his company to a trust he created, that trust pays him out money to cover his living expenses for the rest of his life. So he's no Mother Theresa, giving selflessly, he made sure to take care of himself financially. Which I think is brilliant! He lives modestly with not many possessions. And when he dies all of that money is going to music education.

And that type of living is what I can get behind. That is the type of man I want to raise.

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Unknown said...

Gretchen I look back and wish I had had the same goals for mine. My girls turned out great but like you say there is more that can come out of a life. Keep on keeping on girl and go for it. They are worth it.


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