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Celebration Banner

It's raining! That's cause for a celebration, right? In some parts of the world it is. Don't wait for a birthday or a major holiday...pull out the celebration banner for milestones that go unnoticed.

Your kindergartner walked down the hall to class without crying for the first time since school started, 3 months ago.
A perfect score on a spelling test that hours were spent studying for.
Your first grader finally made it across the monkey bars all by herself.

The moments when children's faces light up, when they are so proud of themselves...celebrate that! Celebrate the everyday!
Available in my Etsy Store for you to enjoy at your house.


morninglight mama said...

This is too cool, Gretchen. It looks perfect on your window. :)

Jen said...

Turned out cute!!!!

a friend to knit with said...

SO cute!
and i adore the thought of celebrating the everyday!!!


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