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Birthday Gift for a Friend

As the person in the family who takes all the pictures and then scrapbooks those moments I know how hard it is to feel like you are being seen. There are barely any photos of me in the scrapbooks I make and I often wonder if in 10 years I'll regret that. I've been trying to be more mindful of creating layouts that involve me, have photos of me, so that my kids will see me in the books I make. When I was in Seattle I knew I wanted to capture Corie in a moment of mothering. She's such a wonderful mother! I am often in awe of how she gracefully handles what is put in front of her. She's the mom-friend of mine that we can curl up on the couch together and talk about parenting and it never, not ever, turns into a competition or a one upping the other on cute things our kids did or said. We share the journey and advise each other with our whole hearts. And I am so very thankful to have that relationship. Every mom needs one of those or two. :)

And now the magic of photoshop, as you can see in the first two photos one picture Corie looks great but True's eyes are half mast. And the other with True looking stunning, Corie isn't smiling. And I wanted that smile. I merged the two pictures in photoshop to create the perfect image of the two of them. I created a layout that she could either frame, add to her existing album or just post on her desk for awhile. Happy Birthday Corie! Love you sweet friend!

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morninglight mama said...

Awesome work-- can't tell at all! Hubby has gotten pretty good at things like this- one time we had a family pic of him, me and JAM and for some reason, hubby was holding a very large, and very phallic looking chocolate covered banana to the side. Thankfully the trees in the background could be worked over that ridiculous banana.


And, I just had to say that I LOVED your comment here about needing a mom-friend where it's not about comeuppance. SO true!


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