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Done with Baby Carrots

I don't know when it began, maybe during college, I stopped buying regular carrots and switched to the conveniently peeled and washed baby carrots. I used them in salads, ate them as snacks, even tried to diced those little slippery root veggies when I needed carrots for a soup or stew. Not anymore.

These days I'm buying real carrots and here's why:
*Baby carrots aren't really baby carrots. They were invented by industrial farmers that wanted to find a way to use non-standard size carrots. So the idea of shaving down carrots into a standard 2 inch size was born.
* Baby carrots go bad much faster than regular carrots. Seriously, I feel like I was buying new bags of baby carrots all the time because they either dried out in the bag or got totally gross and slimy.
* Real carrots that you clean yourself have a better carrot taste. Maybe it is just me but since I switched I definitely believe that whole mature carrots have a deeper more complex carrot taste.

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Anonymous said...

tell me about it!! when dieter and i were in japan, we lived in a remote farming town so "fresh" was the trend. i noticed that all the locals and military wives bought fresh vegetables instead of the bagged stuff, so i thought, hey, why not jump on that band wagon... the taste was much sweeter and juicier than the bagged carrots. in terms of cutting up the carrots, my food processor chops it all up nicely. (:


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