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Supporting Hilary whatever she wears!

My friend Hugh has a great blog called Word Nerd. One of his most recent posts was about the entomology of the word outfit in which he linked to a very funny online picture spread called Hillary Clinton: My Worst Outfits Ever. I have to thank him for posting it because I would have never seen it at And for that matter, I have to thank Hilary for having such a good sense of humor about some of her fashion choices.

I wouldn't have the courage to show pictures online of my worst outfits. And there have been many - usually accompanied by outrageously big hair.

I'm glad that I might have the chance to vote for a women to be president of this country. So even though Hilary hasn't always had the good sense to avoid Christmas Sweaters (with shoulder pads), I don't think we should hold it against her when it comes time to cast our ballots.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I'm more of an Obama fan myself, but I must say that the Media has really been merciless in publishing terrible pix of Hillary. It's almost like...I dunno, a conspiracy or something. Go ahead and try it. Do a Google Image search for Hillary Clinton and see how many of the pix on the first page are unflattering.


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