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Homemade Chalkboard

It's an odd wall in our house and I was determined to make it more than just a wall to hang pictures on. My goal is to utilize every square inch of our house...kinda like living on a boat but without all the water.
So I made the boys a chalkboard from chalkboard fabric and trim purchased at Home Depot. I first measured out the area and cut the fabric accordingly. You could also use chalkboard paint but I just so happen to have a ton of chalkboard fabric, check out if you wanna see what I normally do with it. :)
The trim I cut to the same dimensions and sanded and painted white to match the rest of the trim upstairs. Above the chalkboard are 2 magnetic strips purchased at Ikea to display the boys' works of art.
Wha-la Creative Art Zone!


Jessica said...

Gretchen is so creative with the Chalk Board Fabric. I recently purchased A Picasso Place Mat from the Aunt Art store to give as a gift to our friend's child who is about to turn 3. Picasso Mats are Chalk Board on one side and place mat on the other. Perfect for waiting for the food at a restaurant while drawing with chalk and then eating on the other side without making a mess. I can't wait to give it to my little friend on his birthday.

Anonymous said...

love this idea! - wendi


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