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Tank Sweet Tank

I'm in the process of moving from New York City to Boulder Colorado so many of my future posts will deal with creative packing and moving on a budget. Also I want to document some of the cool things about my current apartment that I am breaking down.

This is my studio apartment fish tank. This is a picture of when I set it up 3 years ago. I used aquarium sealant to secure the books on the shelves and flowers on the tables etc. The furniture is all Barbie furniture and the wall paper is just a fun scrap of material attached to the back. Everyone that comes to my house loves it and the fish seem to be happy too. In a few weeks I am going to return my current gold fish to the pet store and break this tank down. I think I might build my next tank with legos.

1 comment:

Gretchen said...

and soon it will be mine...all mine. :)haaahaaa.
The boys are going to love it!


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