Sharing recipes, crafts and frugal living, the challenges and triumphs of parenting a neurotypical child and a child on the Autism Spectrum. Yoga Instructor said goodbye to her nightly glass of Chardonnay to give up habits that were not serving her purpose in life! The CocktailMom name remains, however with a new focus on healthy and authentic living.


New Pictures

I've added some classic shots of the CocktailMoms to the blog. The first one is a promo shot from the Women's Work Festival that Jessica and I created along with another woman, Kate Aronson, in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a month long series of plays and music all created by women.
The second shot is from our senior banquet at Point Park University in Pittsburgh, PA.
It's funny looking back at the pictures and noticing that Jessica and I always stand on the same side in each shot. Very odd.

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Anonymous said...

For those who were wondering, neither of these lovely ladies are available.


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