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1st Dinner made in my new Apron

My Christmas present from Gretchen was an Aunt Art original!!! This oil cloth apron is fantastic. To be honest I don't usually cook in an apron (except my Cocktail Mom vintage ones that I wear on the holidays - mostly for show) but now that I have this apron I plan on wearing it all the time. It is totally awesome because I can just wipe it clean and don't have to worry about it getting ruined.

I've been entertaining at home more than usual lately. Since I am moving to Boulder, Colorado in May I've decided to invite as many of my friends in NYC as I can over for dinner before I go. Making dinner for most of my single friends in NYC is what being a Cocktail Mom is all about. Most of them are far from their real moms and therefore like a little home cooking. My dear friend Bill dined with me last night and we had a blast. Of course it was way cheaper than taking him out to dinner in the city and we got to have a wonderful private evening in my home.

I am a big fan of Everyday Food which is a magazine that is part of the Martha Stewart Empire.
Most of the recipes can be found at:
Dinner consisted of: Pork chops with apricot mustard dipping sauce, green beans with caramelized onions, pistachio and scallion cous-cous, and for dessert baked apples with walnuts and maple syrup.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Jessica that apron looks great. Gretchen you should think about putting that on your web site for the "MOM".
Hopefully I will get to see you before you head to the mountains.
From your other mom

cindyloohoo said...

How can I place an order for one of the aprons????? It makes me want to become a better cook- of course, you would really have a home run if you could guarantee the skills once the apron is slipped on!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Was the food from our Christmas gift? I thought you were saving that for when Greg visited?????



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