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Great Educational Game for Kids- Mini Veritech

Recently we scored a Mini Veritech tile set with workbooks from Freecycle. I had never heard of this before but after a google search it seemed exactly the type of thing that my youngest son would love. And he does! Several of the workbooks go up to age 12. And begin at age 4 years old.
It's a great activity for my son, who is 8 years old, to do on his own. He's the type of child that would rather play games than play with action figures. And I am always looking for games that are both educational and not electric. This fits the bill!
I highly reccomend investing in a set for your children or your classroom, it would make a great "centers" activity.
From the website: 
12 tiles - numbers on one side and a geometiric pattern on the other, enables children to complete all the self correcting exercises with little or no guidance. The illustrations and varied themes, combine to stimulate and sustain the interest of children while they develop literacy and numeracy skills (and discover natural science depending on the workbooks used.)

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