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An Everyday Hobo Bag

Just like you I am swimming in free grocery shopping bags. But when I recently received a bag of fabric from a local friend who was clearing out her fabric stash and discovered this hobo bag precut in the fabric pieces it inspired me to make an everyday bag as a gift for my best friend in Pittsburgh.

I paired the precut bag with other fabric I had in my stash to create the lining and front pocket. The size is perfect for picking up a bottle of wine and a baguette for an impromptu picnic or running errands around the city while still being fashionable.

To "Mom-friend Lauren": whenever you want to purge your fabric, let me know. It helps me cross gifts off my list. Thanks!


Lauren said...

So, so cute! Now if only I could finish my own projects with such lovely results.

Gretchen said...

I'll take your half finished ones, don't worry.


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