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Organize that Junk Drawer!

We all have that kitchen drawer that holds the odds and ends of our life. Some refer to it as the "junk drawer", housing such items as take out menus, rubber bands and watch batteries. In my house we have a vitamin drawer, which also holds other bits of randomness.... box tops for education, essential oils, chore magnets etc.
Using berry baskets and the Styrofoam containers that mushrooms are sold in is a great way to organize your kitchen drawers that catch the randomness of your life.
Sure you could go to Target and buy cute, hot pink plastic organizing baskets....but why?
Who is coming to your house to check out your junk drawer? No one is seeing it but you, save your money for family vacation!

Instead of recycling those mushroom Styrofoam containers- give them another lease on life.
Tackle that junk drawer- once and for all!

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