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Mommy's Time Out

Do you feel like you never have time for yourself? You give and give...

  • to your spouse 
  • your kids
  • your kids' school
  • your job
  • your kids' sports team
  • your extended family
  • the dog...and the list goes on and on.

Where are you on that list?

If you are like many moms you are at the bottom of that list, typically after the dog. This has got to change- TODAY!

I know many women who give until they have nothing left, exhausted physically, emotionally and mentally. Finally her spouse notices and rewards her with a day at the spa, friends ooh-and-ahh at how lucky she is to spend the day relaxing only concerning herself with what type of massage to get. But then the day after the spa visit life resumes back to "normal", she is back to giving until her well runs dry yet again.
I use to be one of those moms, putting myself at the bottom of the list of needs. And then I woke up; unhappy in my marriage, unhappy with myself and my life's purpose. So I overhauled my life. I got a divorce, started my own business and began putting myself at the top of the list.

Now I'm not suggesting you get a divorce or change careers; unless you are headed in that direction. What I am suggesting is that you make yourself a priority EVERY DAY!
Take five minutes and sit on a pillow or in a chair, close your eyes and breathe.
Just breathe.
Turn off your Facebook and email alerts, silence your phone. Inform your spouse and children that when you are sitting on the pillow with your eyes closed you are NOT to be disturbed. This will be hard for them, so it's best to choose a time of day when there is not a lot of activity going on. That doesn't mean when no one is home, they can be there too. Just inform them of the new rule and that you expect them to be respectful of your time.

Allow yourself five minutes to clear your mind and fill your well. The world will not come to an end because Mommy sat down and breathed for 5 minutes.
You deserve this- make yourself a priority TODAY!

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Anonymous said...

We all need to do that more. Thanks


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