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End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Every teacher deserves a little something at the end of the year, a gift to show your appreciation. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive. It's the thought that counts, right?
I like to thank all the people who make Logan's school world easier, the IEP team (as I call them). 
Here are a few ideas that I've done in the past: Starbucks gift cards, Tissue holders and doorstoppers
This year I found these great Tiki themed cups at the dollar store, along with a packet of fun straws and Crystal Light type drink mixes. I bought the Bath and Body Shop lotion when this flavor first came out for only a dollar a piece. And the popcorn I purchased in bulk at Costco. 
I filled each cup with the items and cut tissue paper to make it look more festive and then had the boys write a note to each of their teachers. 
Show your teachers next year that you appreciate them!

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