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College Park Patch: Summer Camps and Fun At-Home Ideas

This article was originally published on the College Park Patch.
Summer break is right around the corner, and many parents have been planning for the break from school since January, when camps opened enrollment.
Some of the local camps are competitive to get into; Greenbelt Creative Kids Camp typically fills up fast. Thankfully there are so many summer camp options in our area that are based on the interest of the child; the hardest part is deciding which one to attend.
My oldest son, L, goes to a wonderful program for high functioning autistic children with a focus on social skills. The adult-to-child ratio is low, they go on field trips, play games and—most importantly—they continue speech therapy and occupational therapy. Last year my younger son, Z, was overcome with jealousy that L was attending summer camp. This year he will also be enrolled in a local program, but which summer camp to choose? Should we try one type of camp one week and another type of camp another week?

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