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Public Service Announcement for on Special Education

It took a little longer than expected, but the final version of the special education teacher recruitment video is live on the web!

Did you know that my son Logan and I participated in a Public Service Announcement for 
They are creating videos to solicit people to become teachers for underserved populations. 
i.e.: african-american males, latino and special education. We were asked to participate because Logan is on the Autism Spectrum and because I am such a HUGE advocate for him.

A group of moms sat in a circle and we talked for hours. And out of that amazing day came this 5 minute PSA! Logan and I are both featured throughout the video along with some amazing kids and
mama lions.

The easiest way to share is by viewing on the US Department of
Education's YouTube site -
It's the featured video!

Please share widely! Post on your Facebook page, send a Tweet with the link, email to all of your friends and even people that you only sort of like! 

We've also been told that the video will be used as one of the lead ins at each of the screenings of the new documentary "American Teacher."


Maud said...

Beautiful. I'm totally choked up. I love how they focused on your tattoo right at the start.
(This is Christine, Dermot's mom from school, btw.)

Gretchen said...

Thanks Christine for watching. It was an amazing experience to be apart of, so thankful for the opportunity.


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