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College Park Patch: No Longer Standing Guard

This article was originally published on the College Park Patch. 
My children are now old enough that I can leave them in the bathtub while I go downstairs to check my email, without fear of them drowning. I no longer need to cut their food in bite-size pieces for fear of them choking.
We’ve moved into a new stage of their development that I am calling “playground independence.”
We bought our house in this neighborhood because of the playgrounds and because there are so many families with children. From my front door, we can see one of those playgrounds, and within seconds of hearing laughter from that direction my sons will put on their shoes in lightening-fast speed, calling as they run out the door, “I’m going to the playground to play with …”

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Marissa said...

"Stranger danger" is an outmoded and potentially harmful paradigm to teach your children, according to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Please read more at the "Yes Means Yes" blog. (I am not affiliated with the blog, just another reader.)


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