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Autistic Children and Flying

We use to live in Seattle WA and we would make many trips throughout the year to the east coast to visit family.  Both of my children know their way around airports.  When we get to the security check they each grab a bucket like seasoned pros and deposit their shoes and jackets.  But it wasn't always this way.  In the beginning I was that parent who got looks from bystanders as Logan had a complete meltdown because his special toy, Shawn, had to go through the xray machine.  Or when I would beg the TSA to let me through with gluten free snacks in my bag for Logan because I knew the airport would not have any of the 5 things he eats for sale.  (this was when you weren't allowed to bring food into the airport, thankfully that has changed!) 
CNN's Susan Candiotti reports on a Philadelphia hospital program that helps autistic children handle flying and is teaching the staff at Newark NJ airport to have a sensitivity to children on the spectrum.

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