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Sunday mornings are spent staring through a glass door, sitting in an uncomfortable plastic chair as I watch the boys at swim team practice.  In my family you had to be a swimmer, there wasn't really a choice.  All of my sisters were swimmers, we all grew up with our names in the paper displaying our current times and records. 
I am thankful that my parents had us on the swim team, as a kid I dreaded the early morning practices and even now though my role has changed the early wake up is still not the highlight.  I enjoy watching the boys learn what is and will become a life skill.  They will always be swimmers now.  Once it's in's in you for life.  It becomes your salvation.  Your place of peace.  I have so many fond memories of swimming and as I lean down to kiss one of my sons' sweet faces I breathe them in, that smell of chlorine floods my senses and reminds me of peace, of calm, of happiness.


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Also one of the best ways to exercise.


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