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New York City

I love New York City.  It's my home.  It's the place where I belong, always has been.  I use to live there in another lifetime, it seems.  Logan was born there, which he takes great pride in the cool factor of that.  This past weekend I went for a visit, one of the many bonuses of being back on the east coast allows for such fun weekends away.   I dragged my girlfriend around the city showing her this and that... in and out of the subway stations, everything just came back to me naturally. 
"Did all the trash ever bother you?", she asked casually.
I paused, having to think about the question..."yeah especially when people would walk and just thrown their chip bag on the ground". 
But then it happened to me the same way it happens to everyone..I stopped noticing.  It no longer bothered me.  I remember the trash was an issue when I first arrived fresh and young in the city.  But it doesn't take long to get acclimated to your environment.  It happens to everyone I think, no matter where you live, you just stop noticing things.  I tried to look at New York City with fresher eyes, noticing the architecture on a building that I've passed a million times, a small church out of place hidden between two skyscrapers.  And I wanted to take note within my spirit to do more of this.  To take the time and notice my surroundings with clear eyes.  Not to just walk the dog every morning, the same route, but to actually see the walk.  To not just "stop and smell the roses" but to stop and take note of the color of them, where they are located even.  I don't want to go through life forgetting to notice everything around me.  I don't want to forget this moment and all that it holds dear.
I challenge you to do the same.


Unknown said...

I too am transplanted from where I spent most of my life and when I get an opportunity to return to the little town of my roots I take time to really look and reflect. It will always be where I feel like I should be.

Jessica said...

NYC. I was just there two weeks ago. It is my home too, but how I will I ever afford to live there again?


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