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Family Craft Night

Mondays are "switch days", the boys spend a week with their dad and then a week with me and because transitions from house to house are hard on most kids (not just kids on the spectrum) I try and make Mondays very low key.  I don't plan to be anywhere after school; no play dates, no errands to run. We just chill at home.  The boys enjoy the downtime to play with the toys they haven't seen all week and I welcome the no fuss evening of pancake dinner and family craft night.  
Yes, Family Craft Night! 
It's the only aspect of Monday that I plan.  The activity varies each week but I always keep it simple. Painting wooden cutouts to then turn into magnets, drawing on the same piece of paper from a large easel pad or building a playdoh house....the possibilities are endless!    My goal is for us to spend quality time together while expressing ourselves creatively.  This week we each sat around the coffee table and drew our very own comic book page and then we held up our page and told the story.  
Don't you love the train on my wedding dress?  A hug, a kiss and then marriage...if only it was that simple!
Click here to print off your very own comic book page and start your family craft night!

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